Sunny Coast computer repair store

We offer unparalleled IT support and computer repair services throughout Australia’s Sunshine Coast.

One of the most common pain points for our clients has been slow or non-performing computer equipment. We offer a variety of computer troubleshooting, repair and maintenance services that are designed to get you back on the road to productivity fast.

Our hardware and network engineering services include building PCs and servers as well as setting up networks.

At Suncoast Computers, we understand that data management is a key concern of our customers, who want to know that their data is secure and easily accessible when they need it. We provide worry-free data backup, recovery and migration services for ICT users of all skill levels.

Nearly everyone has a web presence these days, and we help you to create a great, digital first impression with our website design and SEO services. We specialise in generating attractive, user-friendly websites using the popular Content Management Systems using: WordPress, Joomla and for e-commerce: Magento or Shopify.

Our expertise also extends to custom web projects for corporate use.


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