Terms of Service

Pricing: Suncoast Computers generally provide a pricing estimate or quote before work commencement. The quote provided is accurate for a period of seven days. If no quote is given, the minimum charge of the standard rate is assumed.

Should costs of repair exceed the pricing estimate, Suncoast Computers will make every effort to contact you for approval before proceeding with repairs. Part costs are non-refundable after approval. If the part is found to be defective, it will be replaced for you under our limited warranty.

Payment: Standard service rate is forty dollars per hour ($40/hour) with a minimum charge of one hour. Additional costs may be applied. All labour, parts and other expenses must be paid within seven days of receiving the invoice. Payment for parts over one hundred dollars may require pre-payment.

Manufacturer Warranty: You affirm that you are aware that authorizing Suncoast Computers to work on your computer may void the manufacturer's warranty. In addition, while every effort will be made by Suncoast Computers to be aware of warranty conditions, you are solely responsible for knowing and understanding what is covered by any warranties on your computer or equipment. Parts and labour on a system that is later discovered to have been covered by a manufacturer’s warranty is non-refundable.

Limited Warranty: Parts are warranted by us for 14 days, then by the manufacturer for the remaining warranty period, if any. Software corruption, errors, and malware (Virus, spyware etc) removal will not be covered under warranty due to the inherently high possibility of reinfection and re-occurrence.

We absolutely do not cover any misuse, tempering, abuse, fire, theft, accidental damage, surges, etc.

Privacy: We recognise our responsibility to protect your data's privacy that you entrust to us. All data will be held in confidence and we will take steps to keep your data safe. However, we will not be liable for losses resulting from unauthorised or illegal actions beyond our control.

Ownership: Suncoast Computers assume that you are the owner of all equipment checked in or are otherwise duly authorised to make decisions regarding the service of that equipment

Data loss: Every reasonable effort to protect your data will be made; however, it is possible for data to be lost due to factors beyond our control. Therefore, Suncoast Computers will not be liable for any lost data. You the client are responsible for backing up all data.

Suncoast Computers will attempt to backup the files on your computer to an external medium. While every effort to verify that the files are properly copied, we cannot guarantee any backup. Suncoast Computers is not responsible for damaged, incomplete, or missing files. All data and applications will be lost if we have to format your system. Legal software and registration must be provided for all programs that need to be installed.

Liability: The liability of Suncoast Computers for damages to your computer is limited to any damage which is caused by our negligent acts or negligent omissions as determined by Suncoast Computers. Be aware that certain repairs, including but not limited to virus and spyware removal, may damage software and or data installed on your computer, which may require the installation of your operating system, programs and data.

All information provided by us, including quotes are provided as a courtesy. We do not guarantee the accuracy of information and assume no liability for any loss, damage or claim from the use of such information.

Turnaround: Labour turnaround is 1-3 business days. New parts are typically available between 1-6 days. Discontinued parts range from 1 week to 4 weeks. Old systems may take longer as parts are hard to source and may have to be shipped in from out of state or even overseas.

Abandoned Property: Any Hardware, materials or equipment not arranged to be delivered or picked up will become property of Suncoast Computers after fourteen days. Every effort will be made to contact you by phone, email in this event.

Promotions: 'Can't fix it? It's free!' advertising is not available if; (a) After diagnostics the problem is not within our capability of work. Such as physical hard drive damage that requires a specialist. (b) The collection of equipment is made prior to a reasonable period of time to resolve the issue. (c) You decide not to proceed with the work.

'Free Pick up and Drop off' is available for areas within our Service Area. Some areas may incur a small surcharge.

Amendment: Suncoast Computers may vary these Terms and Conditions at any time, provided that such amended terms will not affect any current services.

Pricing and Fees

For the majority of our services, we can provide estimated fees (Given no unforeseen circumstances).

Furthermore, there will be no hidden surprises when it comes time to pay your bill. All work will be confirmed with you before proceeding.

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Virus Removal/Check

$44 Special

The constant threat of viruses and identity theft is unfortunately something we don’t think about, until of course it happens to us. If you have a pop up that is asking for payments, or your computer is simply doing rather 'odd' things, you may very well have a virus.

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