Pricing and Fees

Standard Services

The below fees are an estimate only but for the majority of services, these amounts will be charged. The fees are based on a standard number of hours to complete the service.



Standard Rate

$40 / Hour


$70 (Flat Rate)

Hardware Upgrade

$60 (Flat Rate)

Software Upgrade

$60 (Flat Rate)

Virus Removal

$80 (Flat Rate)

System Format

$100 (Flat Rate)

Pricing and Fees

For the majority of our services, we can provide estimated fees (Given no unforeseen circumstances).

Furthermore, there will be no hidden surprises when it comes time to pay your bill. All work will be confirmed with you before proceeding.

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Virus Removal/Check

$44 Special

The constant threat of viruses and identity theft is unfortunately something we don’t think about, until of course it happens to us. If you have a pop up that is asking for payments, or your computer is simply doing rather 'odd' things, you may very well have a virus.

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Service Area

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